1. What is baptism?

Baptism is by immersion and is an outward expression of what has happened inwardly. Baptism is the first step of obedience for the new believer in Christ. It is a symbol of death, burial and resurrection with Christ. Burial of the old life, and the resurrection of a new life for the Lord Jesus Christ. If you would like, our Pastor will make arrangements to discuss this with you.

2. How do I join GBC?

We believe membership is significant, and that maintaining unity in the body of Christ is of utmost importance.  Anyone who would like to know more about our church or who would like to join, participates in a Discovering Membership group offered monthly (usually on a Saturday from 4-8pm and includes dinner but not childcare, sorry).  After learning who we are and where GBC is going in the future, those who would like to join turn in their Application for Membership and a pastor will schedule a visit to hear your testimony of salvation and talk about baptism.  A membership ceremony is a wonderful time in the Sunday morning churchwide worship where the church family officially welcomes in new people to membership.


Still not sure, and have additional questions?
This is not unusual. One of our staff members will be glad to talk with you. Call the office at 419-468-3292, or please feel free to use our contact us page and email our Church Staff.