Church Documents

May 7, 2017

Dear church family,

(Document links are at the bottom of this page)  It has been a long time and a lot of work to get to this point in our church’s journey together.  The deacon team and transition team humbly and unanimously submit this church constitution to you as the proposal for how we proceed in the future.  Changes in American culture, an ever changing legal landscape, and a deepening commitment to the authority of Scripture have lead us to re-examine this document and revise it accordingly.  GBC is the result of many people and many years of prayers, preaching, and serving; but we pray GBC never settles for a good past but continually pressing toward the best future.   Please read these documents carefully and thoughtfully. 

Please understand that no document replaces the Christian’s sole and final authority of Scripture; but the government of the land in which we live requires us to have a document outlining the basic framework of who we are and how we will operate.  This overview document of an organization is called its constitution.  An organization’s constitution is not supposed to spell out every detail or provide instructions on every possibility.  It gives a 10,000 foot “bird’s eye view” of our structure and operation.

Also attached is the “Pastor Team Handbook” which is not a legal document, but a guide for the day to day workings.  And where the constitution views things from 10,000 feet up in the air, the handbook provides a 1,000 foot view (much more of the details but still not every detail or covering every possibility).  The intent of this document is to eliminate operating on memory or best guesses, but consistent processes.  It is also a quick orientation for new and potential pastors to learn who, what, when, where, why, and how they are to serve the Gospel family.  It is a resource that will be added to as present and future pastors work to train and prepare future generations of Gospel’s leaders.

The following are dates and events to finish this process:

     Sunday, May 21 @ 6pm –              a congregational Q&A of the transition team concerning both the proposed constitution and the pastor team handbook

     Sunday, June 4 after the churchwide service -        a congregational business meeting to vote on the proposed constitution

Excited for God’s future for us,

Pastor Steven Hodges

Deacons: Chuck Taylor, Rich Herb, Nate Vance, Larry Thompson, Dan Finnan, Tom Armbruster, & Jamie Christman

Transition Team: Gary Ogle & Kelly Spiegel

Proposed Constitution

Pastor Team Handbook