Please pray for the deacon and transition teams as we seek the Lord's will for God's next staff member at GBC.

As we have more information, we will update the congregation.

Below is a description of the Pastor of Family Discipleship we are seeking God's man to fill:

Job Description: Developing and leading the vision for children, youth, and parent spiritual growth.  This will be organized and operate to equip and support parents as the primary disciplers of the next generation.  Evenly dividing oversight to children, youth, and parent ministries.  Investing personally in one of the three as God has called and equipped you.


  • as with all church staff positions this one includes the standard “and whatever else the pastor needs you to do” 
  • work with the pastor team to develop, communicate, and fiercely defend a vision for Biblical, family ministry that starts with birth through parenting of adult children
  • institute structure and environments to facilitate spiritual growth including but not limited to cutting ineffective ministries, adapting ineffective ministries to be effective, and starting new ministries as needed through annual team evaluations
  • annually provide a proposed budget, ministry plans, calendar, and growth goals with objectives
  • directly address the common dropout points for youth in the church (elementary to junior high & immediately after graduation) with assessment of the problems in the church and culture as well as solutions in the church and families
  • adapt resources and programs from a variety of sources to fit Gospel’s needs
  • prioritize investment in a few leaders and workers who will together invest in many
  • schedule and lead ongoing worker and leader training for all areas of oversight
  • exercise regular pastoral oversight to all areas of ministry assigned while not seeking to personally be hands on in every area
  • able to encite excitement from older generations to invest in younger generations
  • excellent organization and constant communication through a variety of tools