The following statistics should call our attention to one thing:

  • 40% of pastors and 47% of spouses are suffering from burnout, frantic schedules, and/or unrealistic expectations.
  • 45% of pastors' wives say the greatest danger to them and their family is physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual burnout.
  • 45% of pastors say that they've experienced depression or burnout to the extent that they needed to take a leave of absence from ministry.
  • 50% feel unable to meet the needs of the job.

The one thing this should demand of us in the christian community is not to lower our expectations of pastors or church leaders.  It should drive us back to the Scriptures to see what God's expectations of a pastor are.  Surely when Jesus said, "I will give you burden is light" He did not mean 'burnout' and 'family detriment.'

But it is not just these statistics that should call us to inspection.  The mainstream results (or lack thereof) we are seeing in the modern American church should catch our spiritual eyes and cause pause, reflection, and study.  It is not the God of the plan or the plan of God that lacks power or fruit.  Maybe we have twisted or presumed our way into unscriptural leadership in the church community.  Maybe we are right on track.  Who knows?  God does.

Please enjoy these audio files from our study of the "pastoral epistles" of 1/2 Timothy and Titus.  Let us together check ourselves against the measure of the "perfect law of liberty."

            Week 1: [1 Timothy 1:1-20 & Titus 1:5]                           sermon audio        handout

            Week 2: [1 Timothy 2-3] Qualified & Male Leadership    sermon audio        handout

            Week 3: [biblical terminology] Pastoral Leadership        sermon audio        handout

            Week 4: [1 Timothy 4] Servant Leadership                     sermon audio        handout

            Week 5: [1 Timothy 5] Shared Leadership                      sermon audio        handout

            Week 6: [1 Timothy 6] Spiritually Focused                      sermon audio